In-Patient Facility

Virat Diabetes and Endocrine Hospital boasts of well-ventilated wards and special rooms with a pleasant ambiance that promotes patient comfort and well-being. The hospital's ward rooms are designed to provide patients with a calming environment, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization. The air-conditioned special rooms offer additional comfort and luxury, ensuring that patients feel relaxed and at ease during their stay at the hospital.

Although the hospital does not have an ICU facility, patients are closely monitored by a team of skilled and experienced healthcare professionals who work round the clock to ensure that patients receive the care they need. The hospital's focus on providing patients with a comfortable and healing environment, along with its commitment to personalized and compassionate care, has made it a preferred choice for patients seeking treatment for endocrine disorders


Virat Diabetes & Endocrine Hospital

SB Temple court Road, Beside St. Mary School, Khuba Plots, Kalaburagi - 585 102



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