Dietetics & Nutrition

At Virat Diabetes and Endocrine Hospital, patients are counselled by qualified dietician who plays a vital role in the management of diabetes, obesity and other disorders. The dietician is an essential member of the healthcare team, working closely with patients to develop personalized meal plans based on their individual needs, medical history, and lifestyle. The dietician educates patients on the importance of a healthy diet in managing diabetes and helps them understand the relationship between food and blood glucose levels.

They provide patients with information on healthy food choices, portion control, and meal timing, which can significantly improve blood sugar control and prevent complications associated with diabetes. The dietician also helps patients with weight management, which is a critical component of diabetes management. They work with patients to set achievable weight loss goals, develop healthy eating habits, and track their progress. The dietician's expertise in nutrition education and counseling helps patients make better food choices, which can improve their Blood Sugars , well being, overall health and quality of life.


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