Diabetic foot clinic

At Virat Diabetes and Endocrine Hospital, we offer comprehensive screening for diabetic neuropathy to help identify and manage the condition before it becomes more severe. Our screening process includes the use of advanced diagnostic tools such as VPT (Vibration Perception Threshold), monofilament touch, podiascan for pressure distribution of feet, and vascular Doppler for blood flow in the lower limbs. These tests help to detect any abnormalities in nerve function, blood flow, and pressure distribution in the feet, which are all common issues associated with diabetic neuropathy.

VPT measures the patient's ability to sense vibrations, while the monofilament touch test checks for any loss of sensation in the feet. Podiascan is a non-invasive test that evaluates the pressure distribution on the feet, which can be helpful in identifying any areas of increased pressure or potential ulceration. Vascular Doppler uses sound waves to evaluate blood flow in the lower limbs, helping to identify any blockages or issues with circulation that can contribute to peripheral vascular diseases.Early detection and management of diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular diseases is crucial in preventing complications such as foot ulcers, infections, and amputations. Our comprehensive screening process enables us to identify any issues early on and develop personalized treatment plans to manage the condition effectively.


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